For I worship a Noragami!

     Aah, Noragami!! What can I say about it that would do it justice.  With only two seasons out, Noragami has managed to fly to the top of my favorite's list. And the credit single handedly goes to Yato! Yes, he is one of my favorite anime characters of all time, so much so... Continue Reading →


Lilili Yabbay- What a concept!

What a time to be alive! Preparations of comebacks by major groups are in full swing. Among all the precious and swoon-worthy MV's, the one to pique my interest most is Lilili Yabbay.  After the leaders' Change up, Seventeen has dropped another MV featuring The performance team called Lilili Yabbay.  Yes, that's the name! On the first... Continue Reading →

The Elevator to Hell!

My life’s at a rock bottom’s cliff, I’m walking in a dark tunnelI’m holding up this cruel, dreadful day aloneThough I reach out my hand, there’s nobody to hold itThey’re going up riding on my pain, my tears I’m on a Hellevator With such brooding and intense lyrics, some breathtaking rapping (pun-intended) and eye soothing... Continue Reading →

So who are these Stray Kids? O.o

JYP has finally debuted their boy group with the refreshing single "Hellevator" . The song is catchy and the boys drool worthy.  To me, it is the lyrics that work the magic. The concept of the song is crazy and emotional.   With the name "Hellevator" literally meaning an elevator of hell, the name serves as... Continue Reading →

DNA vs Change Up

Yo fellas, waddup? Jump in joy, ya girl, it's raining comebacks! Among all the groups that have had their singles out this month, my most two favorites have been those of BTS and Seventeen. They are two of the most popular kpop groups and it only makes sense they fight for the top spot. Both... Continue Reading →

The Kickass Fullmetal Characters!

The different characters of Fullmetal Alchemist are so strong and well written that I had to draft a whole new blog post about them. Cutting straight to the chase, as should be the case the protagonist of the show Edward Eric is the most amazing character of the series. He is hysterical, brave and a... Continue Reading →

A Heart Made Fullmetal

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a beautifully crafted story that chronicles the journey of two brothers set out in search of the philosopher's stone to recover their bodies. I agree with those thousands of reviews that place this anime as the best among its kind. When this series was announced, a lot of people felt it... Continue Reading →

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