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Boku No Hero Academia- What Fun!

Getting straight into the review, for me what works in the favor of My Hero Academia is its pace. The anime is quick to get in action and never loses that momentum throughout the 35 episodes it has aired so far. The icing on the cake is Deku.

He is one hell of a protagonist. Audience love underdogs and he is exactly that. Born quirkless but dreaming to become a hero is a repetitive theme that is a character design of many anime protagonists. However, it is his fearlessness and the desire to “save” people in any which way he can as was shown in his sports festival match with Todoroki that steals the show.

He invokes self introspection in Shouto about using his left side which he indeed does thus making Deku lose to him. We know we see Deku smile even though he loses the match because he “saves” Todoroki. Such is the one supreme quality of protagonist.

Another thing that works for the show is the physical limits of the quirks. Time and again the mangakar has emphasised on quirks being a physical extension of the body and hence no one is really invincible. I think this sets it apart from other anime that deal with superpowers and show over the top powers to compensate for the lack of backlashes from the powers. It is a good way to start since it gives writer chance to pace the anime well and the scope to grow the characters in more realistic terms.

While the anime is not really meant to be funny, it sure has its moments and keeps the show light hearted and fun contrasting the intense scenes very well.

Next up are the characters that I think are astutely written. The whole class of 1-A sets a good backdrop to the main characters.

The teachers are interesting with their abilities

with special mention going to Aizawa. Not only the so called Erasurehead’s quirk is, well, quirky, he is also one hell of a teacher who always puts his students first and encourages them to grow as seen in episode 35.

All Might is perfect in his role of a hero and reminds me of Superman in a lot of ways.

Shouto Todoroki is my favorite with his cool half-ice half-flame quirk.

Bakugou is super funny with his anger management issues.

Uraraka is disappointing because she is a typical shounen heroine. With not a strong quirk of her own, she relied heavily on Deku to get her though the sports festival. This is often the case where the girls serve as a sidekick to the main character of the series. I bet the writer could have done better with her.

All in all, My hero academia is one of the rare animes that master its storyline. So far the characters are well distinguished and the storyline is neat. Only time will tell how far the writer can keep this up and what more surprises the anime beholds!


When anime is life, it's hard not to have an opinion and when writing is the spice of life, it's hard not to concoct a special recipe every now and then.

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