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My Hero Academia Episode 24 Review

I know, I know. I’m very late at this but I only recently got the time to watch the final episodes of My Hero Academia. Hence the late review.

Something I would have done if all the episodes would have been out. So, don’t be mad at me my dear readers!

Alright, let’s begin.

Ever since the final exams started and I found out Midoriya was paired with Bakugou, I was waiting for the episode with bated breath. I was anticipating the chemistry between the two.

Given we have so far, only seen the two fight where by fight I mean Bakugou yell with his veins popping, at Izuku, it was going to be interesting to see how the two were going to stand against All Might. Of course, Izuku was going to clear the finals so it was clear that at some point the two would finally start teaming up. So what I was actually waiting to see was how the Horikoshi would make Bakugou see Izuku eye to eye. And as has been the case with the anime, the transition in Bakugou ‘s attitude was smooth as butter. In fact, I didn’t even realize something out of the ordinary was happening and it all seemed to sit well at the end.

Now getting to the fight, after Aizawa vs Todoroki-Yaoyorozu and Ectoplasm vs Tokoyami-Asui, I believe this was the most interesting one of all. All the other ones had nothing special to report. This makes me think Tokoyami and Asui are going to play a big part in the upcoming episodes.

Anyways, All Might didn’t hold back a bit and neither did Bakugou and Izuku. The moment Bakugou and Izuku started teaming up, the fight became all the more interesting.

That finishing punch from Izuku was a thriller.

All in all, we know the purpose of the fight was clearly to augment the “childhood friendship” of Bakugou and Izuku and finally see them get along which it did a fantastic job at. Once again, All Might’s commitment to being Izuku ‘s mentor on and off class is highly appreciated.

So the fight turned out well and the episode plated exactly the content that I expected from it. I liked it and the episode deserves a 3 star rating for its special effects and smooth transition plot wise.

Gah! The episodes are done. I wonder when the third season will be out. I have gotten so used to my adorable Izuku. 😥


When anime is life, it's hard not to have an opinion and when writing is the spice of life, it's hard not to concoct a special recipe every now and then.

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