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Violet Evergarden – Episode 2 Review

Yet another successful episode from Violet Evergarden!



As unsuited Violet is to the job of an Auto Memory Doll, we see the conviction in her trying to understand the meaning of the word, “love”. In episode 2, we get to meet other Auto Memory Dolls from Cattleya to Erica to Iris. The flagrant inability of Violet to interpret human emotions into suitable words is clearly expressed in the letter she writes for this woman who wants to play hard to get for a wealthy suitor. We see Erica defending Violet for she has a soft spot for her and the story only gets interesting from here on out!

My Impression of the Auto Memory Dolls


Well, needless to say, Cattleya Baudelaire is a prop for fan service with her exposed bosom. On doing some research I found that in Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, ‘to do a cattleya’ meant making out. If this is indeed intentional on the part, I love this kind of symbolism in art forms. It makes me think about how much thinking has gone into writing a character.


Then I’m floored by Erica’s sense of fashion. I absolutely love what she is wearing on the show. I’m impressed how the clothing has Harajuku style elements in it. In fact, I’m coming to enjoy the whole blend of western and Japanese elements in the entire show!


The Quality of the Show

Again, this was another beautifully animated episode. I was highly touched by the animation of Violet’s automail and the way it was used to type in the show.


As far as the story goes, I can’t wait to find out what has happened to Major Gilbert. So far, it seems either he is dead or that Violet is never going to see him. Either way, I hope it doesn’t end up disappointing me. I am really waiting to see how the relationship between Violet and Gilbert develops. After all, he did tell her he loves her!


When anime is life, it's hard not to have an opinion and when writing is the spice of life, it's hard not to concoct a special recipe every now and then.

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