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Dabi is Shouto’s Brother? Here’s what I think

*Rubs hands together* I smell a fanfiction ツ

So, there is a theory doing the rounds of the BNHA universe where fans are claiming that Dabi is Shouto’s older brother.

Well, I’m not the type to take fan theories seriously enough to dedicate an entire blog post to it but something about this one makes my tummy flutter. Maybe because it has to do with two of my favourite characters.

So, I have gone through a myriad of posts on various websites and collected them to showcase why people think so.

First of all, it is common knowledge that Todoroki has two older brothers. While his relationship with his sister has been shown in the manga/anime, we hardly know anything about his brothers. Given, Endeavour’s obsession with surpassing All Might and his attitude towards parenting, it won’t be a surprise that one of his children ran away and decided to become a villain.



Notice how Endeavour mentions that the world Shouto’s older brothers inhabit is different from his. Maybe at this point in time, one of them has given up on being a hero and is secretly harbouring resentment towards the whole “hero” world. Also, we know that Dabi is quite a hero killer Stain fanboy. Could Dabi and that particular older brother be one?

Secondly, Dabi uses fire and has blue eyes. Need I say more? This has to be more than just a coincidence. Also, Dabi’s flames are blue in colour meaning he can control the temperature of his flames, unlike Endeavour. This could be from Shouto and his mom’s ice quirk. Unlike Shouto, Dabi only inherited a little part of her ice quirk.

It’s funny how Dabi and Shouto’s eye shape is the same!

Thirdly, I think this is the biggest clue to something substantial between Shouto and Dabi. It is when Dabi had a hold on Bakugou and he goes, “How sad, Todoroki Shouto.” Now, why did he need to take Shouto’s full name? Doesn’t it signify something? Also, why was Todoroki paired opposite Dabi and not Midoriya? Given it was Bakugou being kidnapped, wouldn’t it have made sense for the villain to taunt Izuku?

Lastly, we do not know Dabi’s real name. He is the only villain whose real name has not been revealed yet. Even when Shigaraki asked him, he refused. Does it mean he doesn’t want to associate himself with someone as famous as Endeavour? Of course, there seems to be some kind of mystery related to his name and right now, it only points to this theory.

Bonus: Though I think this argument is not that strong, look at this picture.


The burn marks on Dabi seem pretty much like the flames of Endeavour, don’t they!

Well, these are the points most of us are making that support the theory. I personally think that it is a high possibility that they are indeed brothers but that Dabi’s mother is different from Shouto’s. I mean otherwise, how would you explain Shouto not recognising his own brother. But, then I also think that they could have the same set of parents, and it’s just the burn marks and rugged look that is making hard for Shouto to recognise his brother who he might have come across in a long time.

Only time will tell if we have revealed a major plot twist before it is even near or Horikoshi has something breathtaking in store for us!


When anime is life, it's hard not to have an opinion and when writing is the spice of life, it's hard not to concoct a special recipe every now and then.

14 thoughts on “Dabi is Shouto’s Brother? Here’s what I think

  1. From all the theory surrounding this series Dabi being Todoroki’s big brother is the one I like the most and the only one I would like to see being confirmed.
    To add to this theory, I saw a lot of edit of Dabi without all his scar, he really look like a younger version of Endeavor, the resemblance is uncanny. My theory about Dabi’s scars is that he was sick of looking like his father and made it himself he then died his hair in black.
    Also there is moment in the present arc that could be taken as hint that some character from the Pro have an idea who he is. It is also mentioned that a UA student quit school and become a villains…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s mentioned later in the manga. If I remember well it’s one of the 3rd year who talk about it to the class a-1 and judging by Aizawa reaction I feel like he knows something.

        I don’t think Shouto had a lot of interaction with his older siblings when he was younger. I wouldn’t be surprised if Endeavor actually had isolated from them.
        So to answer your question, Shouto probably knows he have an older sibling who ran away, but does he clearly remember him that’s an other thing


        1. Oh, you also read the manga. I’m just an anime watcher 🙂
          The thing i’m anticipating the most is how Shouto is going to react upon finding Dabi is his older brother *rubs hands together* bwahaha!


            1. Haha, I used to be like that before but these days i dont have enough time for both manga and anime.
              I think so too sadly 😦
              i wish they would hurry up and reveal it already


      2. YAAAS! I agree
        It seems quite plosible, all the evidence adds up to say so
        But it could just be a trick
        But we get to see shotos sister and other brother but we. Never see 1 (the one with red hair) and in this family red hair= fire and white= ice and the one missing has red hair and dabi has a fire quirk
        Also (SPOILER FOR MANGA!!!!!!!!)

        when dabi gets to see endeavor he said something like “It not all the time you get to talk to the number 1 hero” and he says it (from what I can tell by reading) like he has unfinished business with him

        Also when dabi leaves he says endeavors name
        But he does say endever he says his real name


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