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Boku no Hero Academia season 3 was an Overall Let Down

Order some coffee, put on your headphones and kick back because my.., this’ gonna be a long post.

It’s been a while since I have blogged so all that pent up agony of staying away from it has befallen this post and subsequently, you. Yes, you, I hope you didn’t spat your coffee upon sighting the title because I already know you disagree. So here, let me debate you on the subject. *Enough with the italicizing, blogger, you’re scaring the reader*

After two majorly successful seasons, BNHA was basically up against itself for the third one and it faltered, understandably. There were so many things wrong with the anime that I’m itching to, as a white person would prefer, caps lock the crap out of my dissent in a bloody battle of swollen finger tips.

Take the 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash, keyboard sweet cheeks!
So, given such a smartass that I am, I have carefully collected the different pointers that helped me reach this conclusion. Let’s see what they are!


  • The Storyline – Season 3 was wisely split into two halves to give proper time to the arcs but ironically, the whole season looked like it was rushing to get somewhere. While the arcs individually were fantastic, they didn’t come together to tell one story. They stood out in bits in pieces for sometimes their fights or the chemistry between characters, but never to add anything to the main plotline. One of the major reasons IMO why BNHA managed to gather such a massive fan following in the first season was because of its pace among other things, so I understand the need to keep up with the standards. Though they evidently faltered this time, I hope this doesn’t stop them for striving for the same again.
  • The Quirks

With each arc, as is run-of-the-mill formula, every protagonist grows, emotionally as well as physically and so did Deku. But that’s about it. He is growing but only in theory! His punches are getting stronger *duh* and getting new names *double duh*. But as a viewer, I cannot distinguish between his 1,000,000% Detroit Smash or a 1% flick to the forehead smash. Come on, Horikoshi, give him some brute skull cracking one punch man style smash or a Sakura-esque ground breaking Shannarooo!!

  • The League of Villains – Let’s admit it, the LOV is a bunch of numbnuts who get their ass handed to them every time they plan on messing with a bunch of high school kids. In fact, their stunts in causing chaos are so bad that their boss has to jump in to save their proverbial as well as literal asses aaand save face for them with a fight with the All Mighty..err the All Might, the nyumbuh wuan hiiro…
  • Character Design – I’m rarely the one to ever comment on a mangaka’s drawing skills, mostly because uhm, *clears throat* mostly because the blogger in question is underqualified in the astute skillfulness quintessential to comprehending the brass tacks of the creative undertaking that a manga is. So to hell with it, I can’t draw to save my life but Horikoshi’s characters lately have me thinking that may be he is running out of faces to draw. A citation of that premise *enough with that language* would be whats-his-face, that Tintin look alike. Nejire Hado, on the other hand, reminds me of Midnight and Tamaki Amajiki is a love child of Hitoshi Shinso and Shota Aizawa.


*whistling* go, fight, win MiRiO

Hey, don’t judge me. I love myself some fan service! Plus, I’m not the only one who remembers him for dropping his clothes *winks at Deku*

I love all the Bakugou meme fodder season 3 served us
  • New Characters – While complaining about how all of them look like each other, the only thing that stood out for me were Mirio’s abs and a teeny weeny *blogger said weenie* bit his mindblowing quirk. If the first of the big 3 is this powerful, I wonder what the rest 2 can do.
  • Bakugou’s Character Development – You can’t deny the fact that season 3 was a tribute to our spiky haired hero, from bakugou gets kidnapped by the LOV to bakugou protection squad to bakugou’s friendship with Kirishima to bakugou and deku’s finale fight. It was raining bakugou, hallelujah!
This’ one scene out of many that made me feel things for Bakugou *squeals*
  • The Fights – Serving a fundamental part of shounen anime, fights are one thing that BNHA always gets right. From Deku vs Muscular to All for one vs All Might to the Deku vs Bakugou fight to all other hero license arc fights in the middle, season 3 was a riot. Even Mirio vs class 1 A tussle was superb in the way it surprises you!

All in all, season 3 of My Hero Academia was a mixed bag. While I still have a million, gazillion, godzillion more things to add, I’ll stop before you miss the last bus home.

It’s almost September end and October 12 is here, are you excited for season 4? Did you watch the trailer for season 4? What are you expectations from it? Would you make a drinking game out of every time I said ass or used Mirio’s gif in this post?

Tell me in the comments below!


When anime is life, it's hard not to have an opinion and when writing is the spice of life, it's hard not to concoct a special recipe every now and then.

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