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Todoroki’s 5 Badass Moments

Boku no hero academia season 4 is round the corner and since it gets me excited to review the episodes once again, let’s start by talking about it. A lot has happened in the past 3 seasons and the dynamics between the characters have gone myriads of changes. Amidst all this, however, one thing that has stayed the same is my favorite character list and no points for guessing *since you read the title; since you know where it’s leading* the one character ruling the list is Todoroki Shouto!

And this is my compilation of his 5 most badass moments. Let’s relive the seasons as we count down to the ultimate, most savage moment of the half and half basterd.


5. Numbyuh 5 is the season 1 Battle Trial.

Contest: Todoroki & Shoji vs. Ojiro & Hagakure

The battle starts by Todoroki proclaiming they’ve already won and well, with that it comes to an end.

Todoroki’s so cold.. literally

With one touch, Todoroki freezes the building and everything inside it, turning it into an icecap! And then he spouts

That’s some solid sass right there

This served as our introduction to badass Todoroki. I mean even kacchan’s scared here and the dude barely shows any emotions.

That’s the most emotions besides rage that Bakugou can show in one season

Come on, the guy has more emotions than just rage. He also looks like a buffoon sometimes! Moving on..

4. Nyumbuh 4 is the season 1 USJ incident

This was Todoroki’s first tryst with real life villains.

Though most of the villains that attacked Todoroki were some lowly thugs, they were greater in number and probably in experience. Even still, Todoroki managed to overpower them in an instant not showing even a hint of fear. Now that’s just, well, badass.

Talk about insulting someone. Todoroki knows the know-hows!

If this’ not enough, there’s more!

The reflexes and the cold stare! *goosebumps*

This was our second experience of just how badass Todoroki is. Dealing with villains on his own and then moving on to help the all mighty, err, the All Might is no easy feat. At this point I was wondering what’s more in store for us and Horikoshi sensei didn’t disappoint!

Which brings us to

3. Nyumbuh 3 is the season 3 Provisional Hero License Exam

Todoroki, as is his style *the hero gotta keep workin thah swag*, is alone when he is confronted by a group of Seijin High students. At first, it looks like they are posing some sort of a challenge but soon we realize who they’re dealing with. Using his analytical skills, Shouto defeats them in a matter of seconds like the boss he is.

Only if Todo could look into the future

Well, Todoroki might not have won his license but he definitely won a thumbs up from this blogger for swaggering alone and beating up a whole bunch of kids without breaking a sweat.

Talk about the next moment already, blogger! はいはい!

Next up is my favorite moment!

2. Nyumbuh 2 is the season 1 U.A. Sports festival

Contest: Todoroki vs. Sero

The reason I placed this inconsequential little fight on nyumbuh 2 is because it is my favorite it is the only fight ever where Todoroki goes all out.

Watch Todoroki whip out a mountain of ice after being ticked off by Endeavour!

Poor Sero! Had to be the one to be at the receiving end of Todoroki’s wrath

Not just me, every one watching the sports festival lost his mind seeing the kid defy the laws of physics!

The thing is Todoroki is always known to be calm and sorted. To see him lose his cool is sort of uncharacteristic of him. He lost his chill after seeing his dad’s face and completely destroyed Sero’s will to live (metaphorically yah, dunce). We have never even seen him be this savage against villains and that is what made this moment total badass!

After having waited with bated breath (hopefully only metaphorically unless you’re a swimmer), we’re finally at the most of all Todoroki’s badass moments.

1. Nyumbuh 1 is the season 2 fight between UA students and Hero Killer, Stain

The amount of belief the kid’s spitting these words with!

After figuring out good friend *cough* boyfriend *cough* ‘s cryptic SOS, Todoroki Shouto manages to timely arrive in the wake of unrelenting attacks from hero killer.

A good fight ensues where we see a number of splendid moments from Todoroki.

This goosebumps inducing scene was a show stealer! Half a second later and Todoroki would have been a goner

That split second reaction was no doubt the fight clincher. Time and again, Todoroki has proven himself to be mighty strong with his analytical skills and his agile reflexes.

Even Stain admits Todoroki’s mettle

This is the first fight where we see Todoroki wield both his quirks to equal measure. Seeing him use fire was definitely up there in my most profound character development list.

An Honorary Mention

While this is not solo effort on Todoroki’s part and it is quite less than a moment in the context, this scene definitely deserves a mention.

And here it goes
An ethereal looking Todoroki

As the ice swirls around a focused Todoroki, he looks completely poised to turn the scene into another one of his glorious moments and steal the spotlight aaand end up as an honorary mention on this list.

Well, this is it for today. Bet you stopped and fangirled there, may be gushed and blushed a bit too.

In conclusion, even if you’re not a hard core fan like this blogger, you have to admit Todoroki is one helluva kickass character!


When anime is life, it's hard not to have an opinion and when writing is the spice of life, it's hard not to concoct a special recipe every now and then.

One thought on “Todoroki’s 5 Badass Moments

  1. He’s my favorite character in this series besides All Might and Mina. I love Todoroki;s quirk and he appears intimidating. I forgot that in season 1, his superhero uniform was all white. XD. He has the most epic moments when the show was starting out.


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