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Wherever you are in the world, I’ll search for you – Your Name gave me goosebumps!

In one word : Breath-taking. Your Name is one of the very rare films that will last forever in the memories of everyone who has watched the magic of this film unfold on screen.

A well crafted and splendidly animated love story that transcends time and boundaries, Your Name is a movie you should not miss!


Your name is a interwoven tale of the lives of Taki and Mitsuha who are distanced by not just boundaries but time itself! In fact, by the time they fall in love, the destiny has pulled them in two different dimensions of time. Riveted yet? Read to find out more.

Taki and Mistuha are two teenagers, living in different parts of Japan, who wake up one day to realize they are swapping bodies. This little adventure ties their lives together and they start living their lives as each other until.. yes, the happy ending is far from within reach right now.. until the stars come falling..

And they are no longer swapping bodies. Taki starts to miss Mitsuha. As such, he sets out to meet her personally. But in his quest to find her hometown, he finds that she died 3 years ago, along with 500 other people when a comet came raining down on her town, itomori. Into it, yet?

From here on we see their struggle to see each other as well as save the town from the comet which nobody could predit would split and rain down on a town.

My reaction!

From the moment I read the synopsis, I had my reservations about how the plot will play out. Most of the films that deal with the concept of time travel either use some Deus ex machina to solve the paradox or fall flat on their faces. But Your Name handles the time travel aspect of the film so flawlessly and the transition from one part of the story to another is so smooth, it’s like watching a knife slice through butter.

From them realizing they are swapping bodies to them leaving information for each other, everything is so smart and straight-forward as well as well paced that you are trying to catch your breath.

The whole film is about love and most romantic films are never categorized as clever but this film beats that notion too. It is very cleverly told and some parts are so intelligent they leave you gasping.

Parts that made me cry

I hate to admit but yes, I’m the type to watch romantic, emotional movies and cry. And to tell you the truth, this movie made me shed ounces of tears. After the second half begins, you can find me shedding tears by pounds. By the time Taki realizes that Mitsuha is dead and he goes to find the shrine and drinks the sake made by her, I’m so emotionally attached to both of them, that when Taki trips and hits his head and is warning Mitsuha of the impending disaster, I burst in tears and I’m rooting for Taki to make it through to her.

Then when they meet at twilight and are finally able to see each other. It is the first time that they meet face to face and as a viewer it brings a rainbow of emotions out to see them interact.

Then the part that really made me cry my eyes out is when Mitsuha is trying to save the town and she realizes that she has forgotten Taki ‘s name. The same had happened earlier to Taki who was trying to recall Mitsuha’s name and while he got to write it on her hand, poor her, before she goes out to write her name on his hand, the twilight passes over and she disappears.

In her desperation to recall Taki’s name, she trips and comes tumbling down the hill. When she looks at her palm she finds out that instead of writing his name, taki has professed his love to her in writing. And then we see Mitsuha lament that this won’t make her remember his name. It is a heartbreaking moment to see them struggling so hard against soemthing as insurmountable as destiny.

The final moment when the grown up Taki and Mitsuha see each other at the train station and are finally able to be together is what puts an end to the waterworks.

Frankly, I have not cried so much watching a movie in the recent times and it is so heartwarming to find this movie.

Special mention to..

They are so many moments and little details that are worth mentioning. I love how Taki is introduced to us with a little bandaid on his cheek.

After the two of them are swapping bodies and leaving information for each other left, right and center, it is an intelligent way to show that they have developed a bond for each other when Taki is in Mistuha’s body and decides to not feel her breasts for her sake and ends up doing it anyways. It is both smart and hilarious. I love the face he makes every time he is caught by Yotsuha touching his breasts. Did I say, it is hilarious!

Then the seiyuus of the film need to get commended for the job they have done. I love how by the voice itself I can figure out if they are in each other’s bodies or not.

The animation is very beautiful. The Japan they have shown looks so enticing. Special mention should be given to the scenes with the comet. The sky looks breathtaking every time it is in the shot. The town of Itomori is so beautifully drawn that you would want to go there for a getaway!

The music by Radwimps is again a plus. Since Radwimps are a champion of the game, it is no surprise the music turned out so good. I had already listened to the music beforehand and the way it sits in different situations is so perfect.

Why your name!?

So why is the movie called Your Name? There are many times this has been explained in the movie. First of all, the fact that Taki and Mitsuha keep forgetting each other’s names throughout the movie is a good reason why the name is so important.

Secondly I think the major reason why the name is so important is because when Taki finds out that itomori was destroyed in the entire meteor shower. He for a short moment thinks that he was only dreaming about swapping bodies with a girl and the reason he associated the town was because he remembered hearing about it on news 3 years ago. But if it’s indeed true and he was really fantasizing about everything, how does he know Mitsuha’s name? He found it in the record books of all the dead people. How? How does he know the name of a complete stranger?

Well, it is these small little details that have been kept in mind that makes Your Name a masterpiece. The movie is full of such clever little parts and it is definitely one of the best movies to come out of Japan in the recent past.

I would give this movie a solid 4.5 stars out of 5 and everyone who is missing out on this movie is definitely doing himself wrong.