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Hyuna – Lip & Hip Review

After her splendid performance at MMA’s, we finally have Hyuna’s MV for Lip & Hip and in one word, it is bonkers! 

While the song is catchy and all that, it is the MV that is stealing the show. Well, let’s take things in order.

Talking about the song, the rapping part is its life. While I was already hooked to it with its first listen in MMA, it does an even better job with the MV. The pre chorus is the best part of the song and the build up to the hook is perfect. 

The MV!

Well, being politically correct, the MV is different from what you expect from a popular Korean song. No wonder there is such a debate on the concept. However,it is nothing new for Hyuna. In fact, she is only upping the ante with every comeback. 

I like how the MV talks both literally as well as visually about loving yourself and your body and being confident about it.

I  know there are people both for and against it right now for the kind of concept it is. I, in my personal opinion, think it is perfectly suited to the concept of feeling confident of your body and feeling good in your skin. Also I don’t think it is exposing in any way. The nature of the business can take things to the level where this MV would seem like a work of a novice. So we have it settled. There is nothing trashy about the MV. And it is all in just good fun. 

On a side note, I think these are exciting times for Kpop. After BTS’ phenomenal success and acts like Hyuna getting appreciation for expanding their music horizons, the genre is seeing prolific leaps in terms of being inclusive of different concepts in one genre. While it is a matter of time before it becomes a norm, it is encouraging to see how the public is becoming accepting of the change. 

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Turn Up vs You Are

After wrapping up their Flight Log trilogy with Never ever 7 months back, Got7 has made a comeback with their mini album 7 for 7 as well as their Japanese album Turn Up. Frankly, this comeback of Got7 has been by far the weakest of all their songs and I’m thoroughly disappointed.

You are makes its impact only in the chorus. Rest of the song is simply bland. The verses are forgettable and the bridge seemed like a misfit with the song. While the rapping is good, it seems tardy and broken. The only saving part of it is the MV. It is an aesthetically pleasing MV that shows us around Hong Kong. A refreshing change from the budget friendly shot-in-a-box MVs. 

On the other hand, is Turn Up, the Japanese title track from their album of the same name, that is produced, composed and written by Jaebum. I think he has done a fantastic job as a producer. Though the track isn’t overtly foot tapping, as a rare idol- producer, I feel JB has done a fine job of it. 

However, the comeback, as a whole, has been a total letdown. 

 While the music is in itself weak, what makes the matter worse is the way JYP has handled the promotions of the tracks. The group has hardly promoted the song by not appearing on variety shows. Apparently, JYP turned down the offer for the boys to appear on Happy Together. Moreover, the boys only promoted for 3 weeks before flying off to Japan. Honestly, nobody’s talking about Got7 or their songs on social media. Their promotion schedule seems as unkempt and disorganised as JB’s hair in the MV. No wonder this Got7 comeback turned out to a total dud.

Frankly, I know Got7 was never really a JYP favorite but at least, they were given some catchy hooks. Now that, that seems to be waning as well, I cannot help but only be fearful of Got7’s future. Got7 was never much popular in Korea and if they don’t buckle up, they may lose their international fandom too. In that case, it won’t be long before got7 is a thing of the past. So if I were in got7, I would start weighing my options.  

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Couldn’t be better- Highlight

Without getting into their history, I’m just going to give an honest and unbiased review of Highlight’s song Can be better

Here is the billboard article about them.

The song is upbeat and jovial. The entire song is pulsating with some incredibly peppy electronics and the whole tone of the song follows a lighter beat.

The song brings out the better vocals from the team. 

Besides everything, my most favorite part of the song is the lyrics. I love how 

All in all, Can be better wins our hearts with its theme of celebrating oneself and some sassy lyrics. 

I would definitely recommend listening to the song. 

I give the song 4 stars.

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For I worship a Noragami!


 Aah, Noragami!! What can I say about it that would do it justice. 

With only two seasons out, Noragami has managed to fly to the top of my favorite’s list. And the credit single handedly goes to Yato!

Yes, he is one of my favorite anime characters of all time, so much so that I can shout it from the rooftops!

He is hysterical as well as a badass. He is the life of the humour in the anime. And when it comes to serious stuff, he is an ace at it. Moreover, his past of being a God of Calamity adds depth to his character. 

In my opinion, the reason for Noragami’s viral popularity, among all the other factors, is solid animation. 

 The animation quality is a incredible. The fight scenes are neat and sharp.

Now, let’s get into the serious stuff and analyse the two seasons. 

The first season deals with the character development of Yukine which in turn gives us a glimpse of what makes Yato the way he is. 

Though Yukine was sort of given a new life when Yato decided to make him his regalia. However, this new life comes with constraints like no human life, no aging etc. In other words, Yukine is stuck being a teenager with no semblance of a regular, human life. Also, given the fact that Yato is an unknown God as well as practically broke bothers Yukine to the point that he starts resenting Yato. 

What I like about Yato here is he sort of understands Yukine’s feelings and that’s why instead of punishing him, repeatedly tries to warn him. 

Though I would also mention that this part of the series seemed more rushed and therefore, less convincing.

The second season is much more better than the first as well as has more depth. 

It is almost a Norm for anime protagonists to have a dark past and Yato is no different. 

The pacing of the series is good and I like how the second season leaves us with more questions than answers.

I’m curious as to how Yato survived all this long despite of being unknown. Then there is the issue of his father. 

I’m so glad there is so much more of the show!

Talking about the voice actors, Ernesto Jason Liebrecht, who voices Yato is incredibly talented. It is his voice acting that brings out the humour of Yato. If that wasn’t enough to bespeak of his talent, the fact that he plays Levi in Attack on Titan is awesome. I was so surprised to know he lays Levi since it is a completely different character! The same thing goes for Yukine’s voice actor, Micah Solusod!


Also, I only recently watched the anime and found out that its mangakar, Adachikota is on leave due to medical reasons. To all those who have been waiting for season 3, I only have this to say 😛

Haha, on the flip side, I envy everyone living in Japan for the simple reason that

Hope you enjoyed reading this, check out my other blog posts

Have a blessed life! 

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Lilili Yabbay- What a concept!

What a time to be alive! Preparations of comebacks by major groups are in full swing.

Among all the precious and swoon-worthy MV’s, the one to pique my interest most is Lilili Yabbay.

 After the leaders’ Change up, Seventeen has dropped another MV featuring The performance team called Lilili Yabbay

Yes, that’s the name!

On the first listen, the song gives off a mysterious vibe. The rythm is an experimental sound and I like that about it. It is a fresh change from the usual sound of Seventeen.

Talking about the MV, there are so many parts in the MV that leave me awe-struck. The choreography as well as the execution of it is impeccable. 

However, if I can suggest changes to the MV, I think the costumes should have been a different color than white . Having an off white background kind of makes it hard for the choreography to come out in flying colors . A contrasting color like black would have lended a sharp edge to the dance movements.

I’m not sure if it is only me but Jun’s falsetto sounds like a girl’s voice. I remember his falsetto in Highlight was a part of the charisma of the song. 

I have always been a fan of Hoshi’s vocals. Now he might not be a vocalist but his singing has the ‘it’ factor. 

Now let’s focus on breaking down the concept of the song. 


Well, there are many theories being thrown around.

On googling 13th month dance we get this page and it explains a lot about the concept of the MV.

Amidst the jaw dripping formations and some sleek falsettos, in the end all I can say is..

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The Elevator to Hell!

My life’s at a rock bottom’s cliff, I’m walking in a dark tunnel
I’m holding up this cruel, dreadful day alone
Though I reach out my hand, there’s nobody to hold it
They’re going up riding on my pain, my tears

I’m on a Hellevator

With such brooding and intense lyrics, some breathtaking rapping (pun-intended) and eye soothing visuals, JYP has given birth to a banger of a group!

Yes, JYP’s new boy group is here and what a way to debut! Though JYP was the reason why I checked this MV out, the new kids on the block don’t disappoint.

October seems to the golden month for kpoppers all around the world for there is so much happening left, right and center in K-pop right now that there is no time to catch your breath. But I reckon that Stray Kids is going to steal the spotlight from right under the noses of their sunbae-nim.

 Stray Kids is actually the name of the reality show that these 9 boys will be a part of. Though it is slightly different from its peers as it isn’t a survival show. The show is aiming to serve as a platform to build Stray Kids’ fanbase.

By steering clear of eliminations, the show will focus on propelling the boys towards what’s to come as a Kpop, JYP group. 

Stray kids, as the group is tentatively being called right now, seem to consist of more rappers than vocalists. This makes the group more of a hip-hop crew. Therefore, a mention to the rapping skills is a must. 

While everyone has done a good job, it is Chang Bin’s rapping in the first verse that took my breath away (again, pun-intended).

What came to me as a surprise was Jisung’s role in the group. He raps as well as sings. Double threat! Now I know there are other people like Jennie from Blackpink who can do both too, it is the fact that he is actually good at both. 

Talking about the song, I love how the song starts with a slow and pensive pre-chorus and then dives head on into some hardcore rapping. This up-down of the rythm keeps the listener on edge.

In my opinion, the best part of the song is when the rythm drops to the EDM riff. It is hard hitting and captures the feel of the song. 

While the video follows the same formula of sharp choreography and fancy asthetics, it’s the lyrics that win my heart.

 What I like about Stray kids is that they are aiming at establishing themselves as a serious group right from the beginning. They composed and choreographed the song themselves. This foretells the JYP’s vision for the group.

Given they a JYP production, the expectations are sky high and so far the boys have seemed to deliver.

The real fun will start from October 17 when the show comes out. 

All in all, I give the debuting group a good 4/5 stars for their charisma. 

Since I have ruffled your curiosity, it is only obviously you would  want to know about these 9 boys. 

Read about them here!

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So who are these Stray Kids? O.o

JYP has finally debuted their boy group with the refreshing single “Hellevator” . The song is catchy and the boys drool worthy. 

To me, it is the lyrics that work the magic. The concept of the song is crazy and emotional.  

With the name “Hellevator” literally meaning an elevator of hell, the name serves as a metophor for escape. The boys can be seen singing about how their life is void of light and happiness. In other words, it is a living hell. Therefore, they ride the elevator to a world where there is no suffering. It is clear from the lyrics that go 

         I’m on the Hellevator, I’m going up

I’m escaping my dark past, lighting up my dark road ahead
I run as I could forget those tedious moments
The bell of the new beginning that they’ve been ignoring rings
I got on my Hellevator that’ll hold my hand and take me to the penthouse

Talking about the 9 gorgeous boys, you can read all about them here.

I will stick to giving a discreet glimpse into their world. The reason being I don’t want to pick a bias yet since I know so little about them. In other words, I’m eagerly waiting for their show airing on 17 October.

While very little information is known about them, the three of them formed a sub unit named 3Racha. 

3Racha is basically a hip hip unit known for producing their own songs. 

The three members of the unit are 

Chang Bin was a part of Show Me The Money and also goes by the name Spear B.

He is so far the most popular member of the group. He studied in D.E.F academy as a rapper.

He was born and raised in Sydney, Australia.   

If you want to check out what these 3 boys look like performing, here are some videos.

  1. Heart eyed Emoji
  2. Fangirling too hard

Haha, that’s it for now.

Like I said I want to pick my bias after I watch their show but I’m sure some of you have already laid their eyes on some of the eye candies.

Tell me in the comments below who is your bias and why and we can fangirl together! 😉

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DNA vs Change Up

Yo fellas, waddup?

Jump in joy, ya girl, it’s raining comebacks!

Among all the groups that have had their singles out this month, my most two favorites have been those of BTS and Seventeen.

They are two of the most popular kpop groups and it only makes sense they fight for the top spot.

Both are known for their quality of music and frankly, I might just have literally waited for them with bated breath.

Let’s start with DNA by BTS.

BTS’ theme throughout their musical journey has been about the issues people their age are facing. What started as a hip-hop crew under an unknown company has now become a global sensation. Subsequently, their music needs to change as well respective to their ascent on the global stage. This gave birth to DNA.

One reason for BTS’ viral popularity has been the quality of their music. And that’s one reason why I’m disappointed by DNA. I know I might get a bit of flak for saying this but well,

It’s a typical K-pop number and if any other group would have performed it, I would have given it more stars. However, here we are talking about BTS, the Billboard Music Award-winning group.

The song is a definite change from their previous work. However, excluding the whistle hook and the guitar riff, the song only stands out in bits and pieces.

Suga’s rapping is on point though. To be more precise, I couldn’t stop listening to “I want it this love (this love), I want it real love (real love)” on repeat.

The choreography is sharp and neat as always.

On the other hand, Change Up by Seventeen has everything going right for it.

Yes, they have made better songs than Change up but on comparison with DNA, it is the clear winner.

The song is laid-back and funky. The MV manages to capture the feel of the song perfectly. 

Add to that a very confident Woozi lighting up the screen with his sass.

Of course, his falsetto steals the show to the point where he overshadows the other two leaders in the video.

 The song as a whole is a foot tapping number. It definitely is a song that needs to be put on repeat.
Therefore, the result is 

Change Up – 4/5

DNA – 3/5


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Boku No Hero Academia- What Fun!

Getting straight into the review, for me what works in the favor of My Hero Academia is its pace. The anime is quick to get in action and never loses that momentum throughout the 35 episodes it has aired so far. The icing on the cake is Deku.

He is one hell of a protagonist. Audience love underdogs and he is exactly that. Born quirkless but dreaming to become a hero is a repetitive theme that is a character design of many anime protagonists. However, it is his fearlessness and the desire to “save” people in any which way he can as was shown in his sports festival match with Todoroki that steals the show.

He invokes self introspection in Shouto about using his left side which he indeed does thus making Deku lose to him. We know we see Deku smile even though he loses the match because he “saves” Todoroki. Such is the one supreme quality of protagonist.

Another thing that works for the show is the physical limits of the quirks. Time and again the mangakar has emphasised on quirks being a physical extension of the body and hence no one is really invincible. I think this sets it apart from other anime that deal with superpowers and show over the top powers to compensate for the lack of backlashes from the powers. It is a good way to start since it gives writer chance to pace the anime well and the scope to grow the characters in more realistic terms.

While the anime is not really meant to be funny, it sure has its moments and keeps the show light hearted and fun contrasting the intense scenes very well.

Next up are the characters that I think are astutely written. The whole class of 1-A sets a good backdrop to the main characters.

The teachers are interesting with their abilities

with special mention going to Aizawa. Not only the so called Erasurehead’s quirk is, well, quirky, he is also one hell of a teacher who always puts his students first and encourages them to grow as seen in episode 35.

All Might is perfect in his role of a hero and reminds me of Superman in a lot of ways.

Shouto Todoroki is my favorite with his cool half-ice half-flame quirk.

Bakugou is super funny with his anger management issues.

Uraraka is disappointing because she is a typical shounen heroine. With not a strong quirk of her own, she relied heavily on Deku to get her though the sports festival. This is often the case where the girls serve as a sidekick to the main character of the series. I bet the writer could have done better with her.

All in all, My hero academia is one of the rare animes that master its storyline. So far the characters are well distinguished and the storyline is neat. Only time will tell how far the writer can keep this up and what more surprises the anime beholds!