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Boku no Hero Academia season 3 was an Overall Let Down

Order some coffee, put on your headphones and kick back because my.., this’ gonna be a long post.

It’s been a while since I have blogged so all that pent up agony of staying away from it has befallen this post and subsequently, you. Yes, you, I hope you didn’t spat your coffee upon sighting the title because I already know you disagree. So here, let me debate you on the subject. *Enough with the italicizing, blogger, you’re scaring the reader*

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Boku No Hero Academia Season 3 : Episode 3-4 Review

The third episode of the much-hyped Boku no Hero Academia is here! Err.. actually this review is going to be a mash-up of more than just that episode. I am going to review episodes 3 and 4 so I can talk in continuity about the series of events.

Starting up, the 3rd episode mostly revolves around the students working on their quirks, and Midoriya chan thinking about Kota kun and his hatred for heroes. While this is in action, the villains show up, as always, to ruin the harmony of the happy UA family.

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Boku No Hero Academia Season 3 : Episode 1-2 Review

Sorry folks!



I have been away from the blog for quite some time now so I suppose an apology is a befitting intro. I was tangled in a few real-life issues and hence, had no time to devote to my cherished, little blog.

But I’m back now as is the season 3 of Boku No Hero Academia! So, without further ado, let’s dive right into reviewing what have been some enthralling weeks of action and fun!

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Violet Evergarden – Episode 2 Review

Yet another successful episode from Violet Evergarden!



As unsuited Violet is to the job of an Auto Memory Doll, we see the conviction in her trying to understand the meaning of the word, “love”. In episode 2, we get to meet other Auto Memory Dolls from Cattleya to Erica to Iris. The flagrant inability of Violet to interpret human emotions into suitable words is clearly expressed in the letter she writes for this woman who wants to play hard to get for a wealthy suitor. We see Erica defending Violet for she has a soft spot for her and the story only gets interesting from here on out!

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Violet Evergarden – Episode 1 – First Impressions

Violet Evergarden – What is it about?

As is clear from its eponymous name, Violet Evergarden is a story of a girl by the same name who has only known life as a child soldier following commands and being useful. After the war is over and after injuries that render her armless, she suddenly finds herself grappling for an identity in the world without war as well as finds her commanding major MIA. What she is left with is prosthetic limbs made of adamantine and a former military man, Colonel Hodgins given the duty to put her in the watch of the Evergarden family.

So far all I can surmise from the first episode is that the plot revolves around Violet’s relationship with her commanding officer, Major Gilbert Bougainvillea.

My First Impression of Violet

At first, Violet reminds you of a child, away from the treachery of the world but as the episode progresses it gives you an insight of how she has been brought up as a child soldier. She has no sense of how the world functions when we see her attempting to take her clothes off in front of Benedict. In fact, she only thinks about doing her duties and being loyal to Major Gilbert as we see her writing a report to him with her bandaged fingers.

Personally, I was annoyed at how dumb they have made the character look with no social intelligence but as the episode reaches its climax, we see her taking her first steps in the world when she requests to become an Auto Memoir Doll. This is probably the first time Violet has thought for herself as is clear from the finishing epilogue of Hodgins and I breathe a sigh of relief. To see character development in the very first episode says a lot about the quality of the plot and sets a good pace for the series.

My growing crush on Gilbert

As we are introduced to Gilbert in the opening scene, he seems to be wearing a tormented expression which turns even more pleading when Violet spots a brooch of the same colour as his eyes. As soon as I saw the brooch on Violet, I knew Gilbert was in love with Violet and I was in love with him! I have always had a penchant for characters with tormented pasts and he seems to be one of them.

The Flawless Animation

The animation of Violet Evergarden hits with its breathtaking quality. Every scene is beautifully detailed be it the colour of Gilbert’s eyes or the bird eye’s view of the terrain. Even Violet’s prosthetic arm is intricately designed by the animators.

Intelligent Storytelling Tools

There are subtle nuances to the storytelling that have me riveted to it. Like when Hodgins puts his hands in his pocket on being asked about major Gilbert clearly puts across his discomfort with the situation. Then Cattleya’s narration over Gilbert and Violet’s scenes just add that extra edge to the storytelling tools used in the anime.

The last scene of the episode is worth mentioning since it sets the tone for the anime. Gilbert’s love confession at the brink of death is needless to say heartwarming and it only makes me more curious to find out what kind of characters these are and what is that binds them together.

All in all, the first episode of Violet Evergarden turned out great. It did what exactly the first episode should do. It hooked me in and I can’t wait to Binge-watch the rest of the series now!

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“I don’t understand what my husband is saying” Review!

Valentine’s Day just whizzed past by and like always, I was the sad caricature of a single, 20 something trying to console myself for the lack of a love life by pretending to have a good day. Yes, I was jealous of my friends receiving chocolates from loved ones and going out to celebrate. So, I did what I do best and that is to sulk and watch anime.

While catching up on blog posts from some of my friends, I stumbled onto this blog which recommends watching “I don’t understand what my husband is saying”. Since it is such a quick watch, I decided to give it a try and to my surprise, it turned out to be so entertaining.

So, I don’t understand what my husband is saying is a slice-of-life comedy series that revolves around the relationship of an Otaku and his businesswoman of a wife (wink wink: is this what my future looks like?). Given the first episode talks about Hajime being an otaku and the whole episode briefs about what it is like being married to an otaku, I thought the entire series will be a parody of the same. However, the episodes thereafter mark a drastic change from the introduction episode.



What I like about the series is despite the time constraint, it focuses on developing characters and even involves conflicts in their idiosyncrasies. I like how they mix up the crazy factor between Hajime and Kaoru. It serves as a balancing act to not end up disliking the other character.


The nice addition is the cross-dressing younger brother of Hajime. He is hysterical with his timing and what I really admire is he, in no way being mocked. There are so many moments with Miki that stand out.

Then Kaoru’s father is also a nicely done character. I cant find the post but I read somewhere how he is the Gordon Ramsay version of a father!

Hajime and Kaoru genuinely seem to be in love and take each other’s flaws as a regular part of their lives. This is where the series wins your heart because, at the end of the day, we know the protagonists love each other unconditionally.


I can understand why the animation is, well if not poor then definitely not very good. since the series lasts under the 4-minute mark, it makes sense to not allot a huge animation budget.

Given how you only need to shelve out somewhere like a half an hour for one season, it a good series to watch. I would definitely recommend it.

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Wherever you are in the world, I’ll search for you – Your Name gave me goosebumps!

In one word : Breath-taking. Your Name is one of the very rare films that will last forever in the memories of everyone who has watched the magic of this film unfold on screen.

A well crafted and splendidly animated love story that transcends time and boundaries, Your Name is a movie you should not miss!


Your name is a interwoven tale of the lives of Taki and Mitsuha who are distanced by not just boundaries but time itself! In fact, by the time they fall in love, the destiny has pulled them in two different dimensions of time. Riveted yet? Read to find out more.

Taki and Mistuha are two teenagers, living in different parts of Japan, who wake up one day to realize they are swapping bodies. This little adventure ties their lives together and they start living their lives as each other until.. yes, the happy ending is far from within reach right now.. until the stars come falling..

And they are no longer swapping bodies. Taki starts to miss Mitsuha. As such, he sets out to meet her personally. But in his quest to find her hometown, he finds that she died 3 years ago, along with 500 other people when a comet came raining down on her town, itomori. Into it, yet?

From here on we see their struggle to see each other as well as save the town from the comet which nobody could predit would split and rain down on a town.

My reaction!

From the moment I read the synopsis, I had my reservations about how the plot will play out. Most of the films that deal with the concept of time travel either use some Deus ex machina to solve the paradox or fall flat on their faces. But Your Name handles the time travel aspect of the film so flawlessly and the transition from one part of the story to another is so smooth, it’s like watching a knife slice through butter.

From them realizing they are swapping bodies to them leaving information for each other, everything is so smart and straight-forward as well as well paced that you are trying to catch your breath.

The whole film is about love and most romantic films are never categorized as clever but this film beats that notion too. It is very cleverly told and some parts are so intelligent they leave you gasping.

Parts that made me cry

I hate to admit but yes, I’m the type to watch romantic, emotional movies and cry. And to tell you the truth, this movie made me shed ounces of tears. After the second half begins, you can find me shedding tears by pounds. By the time Taki realizes that Mitsuha is dead and he goes to find the shrine and drinks the sake made by her, I’m so emotionally attached to both of them, that when Taki trips and hits his head and is warning Mitsuha of the impending disaster, I burst in tears and I’m rooting for Taki to make it through to her.

Then when they meet at twilight and are finally able to see each other. It is the first time that they meet face to face and as a viewer it brings a rainbow of emotions out to see them interact.

Then the part that really made me cry my eyes out is when Mitsuha is trying to save the town and she realizes that she has forgotten Taki ‘s name. The same had happened earlier to Taki who was trying to recall Mitsuha’s name and while he got to write it on her hand, poor her, before she goes out to write her name on his hand, the twilight passes over and she disappears.

In her desperation to recall Taki’s name, she trips and comes tumbling down the hill. When she looks at her palm she finds out that instead of writing his name, taki has professed his love to her in writing. And then we see Mitsuha lament that this won’t make her remember his name. It is a heartbreaking moment to see them struggling so hard against soemthing as insurmountable as destiny.

The final moment when the grown up Taki and Mitsuha see each other at the train station and are finally able to be together is what puts an end to the waterworks.

Frankly, I have not cried so much watching a movie in the recent times and it is so heartwarming to find this movie.

Special mention to..

They are so many moments and little details that are worth mentioning. I love how Taki is introduced to us with a little bandaid on his cheek.

After the two of them are swapping bodies and leaving information for each other left, right and center, it is an intelligent way to show that they have developed a bond for each other when Taki is in Mistuha’s body and decides to not feel her breasts for her sake and ends up doing it anyways. It is both smart and hilarious. I love the face he makes every time he is caught by Yotsuha touching his breasts. Did I say, it is hilarious!

Then the seiyuus of the film need to get commended for the job they have done. I love how by the voice itself I can figure out if they are in each other’s bodies or not.

The animation is very beautiful. The Japan they have shown looks so enticing. Special mention should be given to the scenes with the comet. The sky looks breathtaking every time it is in the shot. The town of Itomori is so beautifully drawn that you would want to go there for a getaway!

The music by Radwimps is again a plus. Since Radwimps are a champion of the game, it is no surprise the music turned out so good. I had already listened to the music beforehand and the way it sits in different situations is so perfect.

Why your name!?

So why is the movie called Your Name? There are many times this has been explained in the movie. First of all, the fact that Taki and Mitsuha keep forgetting each other’s names throughout the movie is a good reason why the name is so important.

Secondly I think the major reason why the name is so important is because when Taki finds out that itomori was destroyed in the entire meteor shower. He for a short moment thinks that he was only dreaming about swapping bodies with a girl and the reason he associated the town was because he remembered hearing about it on news 3 years ago. But if it’s indeed true and he was really fantasizing about everything, how does he know Mitsuha’s name? He found it in the record books of all the dead people. How? How does he know the name of a complete stranger?

Well, it is these small little details that have been kept in mind that makes Your Name a masterpiece. The movie is full of such clever little parts and it is definitely one of the best movies to come out of Japan in the recent past.

I would give this movie a solid 4.5 stars out of 5 and everyone who is missing out on this movie is definitely doing himself wrong.

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Recovery of an MMO junkie – First Impression

Among the abundant teenage protagonists and regular superpower themed animes, Recovery of an MMO Junkie is a breath of fresh air. It is refreshing, mature and puts NEETS in a whole new light, at least in my eyes.

A short introduction!

A short introduction to the story is due. So we have Morioka Moriko who is an elite NEET, meaning she has dropped out of the real world of her own choice to fully devote her time to the online world. She is in her thirties and is, or rather, was a working professional before she decided to quit her corporate life to become a full-time NEET. She opts to play a guy online named Hayashi who meets another girl avatar named Lily. They both become partners and Morioka finds more friends online but what awaits her is a nice twist to the story.

What works for the anime?

As I mentioned in the introductory para of the post, the anime is a breath of fresh air. Not many times do we get a female protagonist playing a NEET. To top that, she is pretending to be a guy online which only complexes things further making for a riveting storyline. Secondly, she is a woman in her thirties. The series deals with an older protagonist and shows to us life from an older person’s perspective. In fact, as an adult myself, Morioka Moriko is so relatable that it only makes it a good watch.

What I like about the anime – First Impression

What I mostly like about the anime is that it doesn’t have a storyline pertaining to one thing, instead it branches out to talking about personal aspect of an adult life to romance to gaming culture and social responsibilities.

This picture basically sums up my life as an ani blogger

Then what I like is how the series puts forward the reality of online life. In Japan and around the world, being a NEET and having an online life is looked down upon. But in reality, it offers us an escape from the mundane brouhaha of real life. Plus it finds us friends, whether for long or not, that is conditional, who are a different set from people we usually meet in our daily lives.

To make a confession, I have a crush on Sakurai Yuta. He is everything you can ask for in a man. He is gentle, smart, working and handsome. I don’t understand why Morimori chan turns him down for a date!

The sheer credit for the success of the series goes to Morioka for having the guts to quit her suffocating corporate job and become a full-time NEET of her own accord. She is so relatable as a reserved NEET that there are times where I yell out, “I would do the same!”

What fails miserably for the anime! Things I didn’t like

The biggest plot fail for MMO junkie is that Yuta turns out to be Harth too. I mean just how many coincidence can one have in life! It was okay and believable that Lily was Yuta and Hayashi was Morioka. It is okay to have one coincidence. Coincidences make for a riveting storyline but MMO Junkie has stretched it a bit thin by proclaiming that everyone Yuta gets close to online is always Morioka. If Yuki would have been someone else, it would have added some depth to story as well as Yuta’s character. To make it worse, even Kanbe is the guy from the grocery store. The online world is supposed to be random and vast, something our writer seems to be unaware about.

Secondly, the humour of the anime falls flat on its face. MMO junkie tries very hard to provide some comic relief but fails miserably at it. If only the comic scenes would have been better, I would have given this anime a good rating but sadly I can’t.

These two take apologizing to a whole new level

Stars – 3 out 5

In conclusion, the Recovery of an MMO Junkie is still an interesting watch. It is serious and playful at the same time. Though I’ll admit due to lack of any real pace at times, makes it bit of a bore to watch, it has its moments. So anyone looking to take a break from the shounen world of action and clichés to find some peaceful, slice of life shoujo anime to watch, my recommendation goes to this anime.

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Gintama Silver Soul Arc – Episodes 342 and 343 Review

Well what we learned from these two episodes is that

And also don’t mix hot sauce and Mayonnaise together or you will end up pooping your pants!

To start off, the silver soul arc brings in a lot of emotions. I’m excited to finally see some Gintama action but it comes along with a sense of bereavement since it is the last arc of the series. Ever since the arc was announced I have been anticipating it with a ball of emotions and it is finally here for me to see. 

So we finally know Utsuro’s ultimate plan. He wants to start a war engulfing the entire universe and leading to the destruction of Earth. Gintoki along with his friends teams up with allies to save the planet from total destruction.

The arc starts off with Hasegawa doing what he does best. He makes us laugh but this time a bit differently. He invokes hope with all that is going around in Edo. By collecting loose change, he hopes to bring back the Yorozuya to save earth from the tyrant liberation army.

It is nice to see how the Yorozuya is the beacon of hope in everyone’s life in Edo and how everyone is anticipating their timely return.

Next up is episode 343 and it is beyond funny. The whole episode is about poop without any poop jokes! It is funny as hell.

Well taking away Nobunobu’s freedom to poop is one way of getting back at him for everything he has done. 

It is especially hilarious in comparing disembowelment to something as powerful as nukes. The entire episode is beyond hysterical and I have no words to sum up how I was cracking up laughing. 
So it is a great start to what is going to the the most tearful ending of the most hilarious anime. I, for one, is definitely going to be sad for I have looked forward to watching the anime for years with much anticipation and fervor. 

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Gintama Gets Serious – Shogun Assassination Arc

Before I dive into reviewing what is possibly one of the best arcs of Gintama, I’d like to warn you that you are in for some major spoilers if you haven’t watched it yet so beware.

Like I said, the Shogun Assassination Arc is one of the best arcs of Gintama and there is just no denying that. Gintama has always been known for its comedy so seeing it go serious for a change was a nice surprise and the way the action fiesta was handled, it only made me love the series even more. 

As the name suggests, the entire arc is about Shogun’s intended death and all throughout it, you’re left wondering if he is really dead. The whole plot has been so cleverly written that the drama keeps you on the edge and at no point can you predict if Shigeshige has really been assassinated by Zenzou or the ninja tribes or any other bully out for his blood. 

The twists and turns are especially riveting. From Zenzou’s apparent betrayal to Kamui’s smacking of the enemy behind Kagura etc are very well handled and proves that Hideaki can do much more than just comedy. 

The major draw of the arc, however, is the action and mind you, it is top notch. The advantage of watching shounen fights is that the action sequences are always very well executed. The writers always seem to understand the nuances of what makes a fight nail-biting and Hideaki Sorachi is not far behind. Every fight, be it Gintoki vs Takasugi, Kagura vs Kamui, the Gintoki parade vs the Yato clan or Zenzou vs Kiheitai, is dynamic and very fascinating to watch.

The action takes off with Okita facing Kamui. Both are insanely strong and coincidentally both revel in violence. No wonder it makes for a gripping match. To top it, the solid animation and the sadist personality of Okita up the excitement ante. 

I would specially like to mention the part when Okita bluffs Kamui into believing he had lost his arm when in reality he uses the deception to severely injure Kamui’s hand. 

We also unravel a new side to Kagura in her sibling spat with Kamui. We have so far known her as a super strong, gluttonous girl but with Kamui around, she is mature. She talks about bringing him back and about Yorozuya being her family. It is heart-warming to see her lecture her brother in that cute, childish voice of hers.


The sibling spat is closely followed by the most anticipated fight of all, Takasugi vs Gintoki and gladly, it doesn’t disappoint. The fight is gruelling, raw and savage. We see the resentment that was bottled up in Takasugi due to Shoyo’s death finally bubble up to the surface in the form of incessant punches. 

I love how Gintoki talks about saving Takasugi ‘s soul and faces the brunt of his anger head on. We also, for a flitting moment, foresee redemption for Takasugi. 

Don’t teach him any more non-sense!

Another exciting fight was between the Yato clan and Shogun, Gintoki gang, Hijikata and Kondo. I love how they are far outmatched in sheer numbers by the Yato, yet they outperform the enemy with combo attacks and watching each other’s back. 

The plot is augmented by the flashbacks and past sequences of the bond forged between Shigeshige and the ninja tribes when they were kids. The part especially talks about Zenzou’s friendship with Shigeshige and how he wants to fight alongside his friends for the peace of his country. 

In addition, laced with Gintoki and Takasugi’s fight are the flashbacks of how all three of them, Gintoki, Takasugi and Katsura came to know Shoyo and what was it about him that compels the three so much to pursue their respective agendas. We also get to see the chemistry between the three friends and why they play such important roles in each other’s lives.

But the most heart wrenching was Gintoki’s story. It wrecks me to think he as a kid ate on the battlefield field with dead bodies lying around until he was found by Shoyo. Then to make it worse, he is forced to either save his friends or his sensei who practically brought him up. Of course, Shoyo wanted gintoki to save Takasugi and Katsura and gintoki knew it well. It is tragic to see how powerless Gintoki chops his beloved sensei’s head as Takasugi in the background screams for him to not. This puts in a lot of things in perspective and we finally understand why Takasugi us obsessed with power and the reason behind the equation he shares with Gintoki. 

Never trust the sadist, Toshi

Despite of it being more of a serious and mature arc than what usually Gintama caters, there were enough comedic moments to keep the laughter kicking. It is hilarious to watch Gintoki pretend to be Shogun’s double. Then there is the revelation of Momochi’s real identity which tickles the funny bones. There are enough moments to provide that much needed comedic relief. 

In conclusion, I loved this shift in content genre that Gintama had. This arc was incredible for it was full of action, comedy as well as emotions. I loved watching Takasugi reflect on his decision to turn evil and the fight with Gintoki was, needless to say, awesome. Everything about this arc was perfect. And in the end I just want to say, Shigeshige you were the only Shogun for us and we will miss you. We love you. Sayonara!