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Gintama – The Rollercoaster

Given you are here, either you have already watched Gintama or doing your homework before diving into the world of thjs much talked about anime

In either case, you’re in for a treat.

This sums up the plot of Gintama and no, I’m not kidding!

Gintama is absolutely bonkers. It is a laugh riot but has the potential of making you teary-eyed as well! Once you get into the anime, you’ll be crackling to the point of tears in no time. 

First of all, I’d like to applaud Sorachi Hideaki for deferring from the downtrodden path of high school settings and teenage protagonists. It is such a refreshing change from what the industry usually presents in the form of a concoction of its so called winning formula. Especially when it comes to comedy, every risible situation that could tickle the funny bones in the said settings has been stretched too thin by now and there is absolutely nothing left to explore anymore. In the light of the circumstances, Gintama has managed to defy all odds touting itself as one of the best comedy animes of all time. 

Set in the historical Edo in Japan, the story follows around Sakata Gintoki, a former samurai who carries around a wooden sword and is accompanied in his shenanigans by Shimura Shinpachi, an average teenage boy and Kagura, an alien with super impressive strength. How they go about their everyday life is worth watching. 

The series in essence mocks and parodies almost every anime out there in addition to making various references to different parts of Japanese entertainment culture and their icons. This is one reason why it is almost impossible to dub the anime and so hard to sub it either. Hence, sometimes, the joke may not outright strike you for you might not be familiar with the shows or personalities the references are being made to but the gags make up for the loss here. 


Though there was no particular plotline in the beginning, the anime has taken shape in the past few arcs. The fillers, in the meanwhile, are just as amazing as the episodes if you ever do manage to differentiate between them. It is a silly amalgamation of fillers, cannon, serious arcs, random arcs and everything in between!

I love how they even make of themselves

 One of the strongest points of the anime in terms of its comedy is its ability to surprise its viewers. Even though you know something rib tickling is coming your way, you just can’t guess it until it hits you and that in my opinion is what has sustained Gintama for so long. 

Though like I mentioned, the plotline has gotten serious over the previous few arcs, there are so many random arcs that have nothing to do with each other but are a part of the underlying big picture.

Some of these arcs, though being serious in nature still manage to evoke a laugh or two which is why Gintama is the greatest. The humour is so consistent throughout the series that it’s hard to get away from it. 

Next up is the animation of the series which is top notch. Some of the gags in the anime work because of the visual quality of the anime. I would also like to credit the seiyuus of the show for the delivery of the comic lines. Without the timing the show would have fallen flat on its face. 

Another great factor is the character design of the various stars of the show as well as the chemistry between them. From the Gintoki himself to his yaoi partner Hijikata, it is a ball to watch them interact in various situations. Then Hijikata’s tussle with Okita to his chemistry with Kagura, it all adds up to total fun. 

 All in all, gintama will definitely appeal to the shounen fans.  It will get you hooked from the word go and you’ll be addicted to it. So if you are in a bad mood or stressed out from work, do yourself a favor and take a peek at the episodes. 


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This is Yuri!!! On Ice in a Nutshell

Well I don’t know what to call it if not one of the best animes ever, in fact it’s even better! Yuri on ice has knocked every other anime on my list of favorites out of the park. 

Victor’s sarcasm here is on point

There is a bucket full of reasons why I love this perfection of an anime and I am going to list exactly that. 

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

1. Victuuri

The reason this anime stands tall in its character design and plot advancement is Victuuri’s chemistry. Not to mention the entire fandom just worships them. Victuuri has be one of the best bromances/romantic couples/abstract relationships on screen and there is no denying that. 

There are so many ways their relationship can be interpreted. Are they boyfriends? Are they best friends? Are they what an ideal coach and athlete’s relationship looks like? Or is their relationship simply what ideal relationships should be? What is that keeps them so close? The comaraderie of the characters is blissful and I couldn’t be more happy. 

In my opinion, the anchor of the relationship is definitely Victor. He keeps Yuri on his toes. Like Yuri says “He meets him where he is.” Otherwise introverted and reserved, the only person Yuri has come to open up is Victor and that’s all because of Victor! 

In my very biased eye, Victor is the life of the anime. He is charming and witty. Who wouldn’t fall for him!? I certainly have, heehee.

This is basically all of the anime

There are so many moments including the ambiguous liplock that sent the fans into a frenzy that keeps the audience on edge. 

How I wish to see this.. my Victuuri hearteu!

Then the couple rings or the so called lucky charm ( rolling eyes in private ’cause we know what they are Yuuri ) that again keeps the romance ambiguous. It is this dichotomy of their relationship that keeps me intrigued. 

2. Perfect rival – Yurio

The success formula of any major shounen manga is to have the protagonist pitted against a rival that is  in every way as good as the protagonist if not better and is there to give a hard time to the main character.   Yurio plays that part perfectly. The Ice Tiger of Russia is brash, rude and has a short fuse and that is enough to make an entertaining character.

It is interesting to see the Russian punk butt heads with the Japanese piglet, not to mention his banter with Victor. 

What came as a nice surprise was when Russian Yuri offers Japanese Yuuri some tasty Katsudon Pirozhki paving a way to a meaningful relationship between the two rather than just random bickering. 

This is probably the first time in the entire anime that we see Yurio smile.

3. The absolute plot twist

Everything makes sense once it is revealed. Why Victor was so friendly with Yuuri since the very beginning. From being a star athlete to becoming his coach, what inspired him to do that. Why was he so hell-bent on getting emotionally close to Yuri? All the questions are succinctly answered after the reveal. Also stalling it so late into the series allows this part to be seen as a comical aspect which nicely turns out to be a major plot twist! How clever, isn’t it? 
4. Love

As is the theme of Yuuri’s skate program, this anime is also centered on love. Victuuri is such a great step in that direction that I can’t laud the writer enough. Regardless of how one perceives their relationship, in the end it is about love and how love can make one do things they consider impossible. Yuuri is inconfident and reserved but after his idol shows him great affection and some good ol’ love, he believes in himself better and finally scores the silver medal in the Grand Prix Final! 
Yuri on ice has to be the best sports anime of recent times as it leaves no stone unturned to make for a refreshing turn of events throughout its run of 12 episodes. 

Lol, in all seriousness, I will recommend everyone, whether you are an anime fan or not, to watch the series for it is sheer fun and frolic!

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Attack on Titan in all its gore.. err, glory

Well, after I did the review of the live action movie of the anime series, I thought it was high time I reviewed the anime itself. Though it has been long since I finished watching the anime and my memory of it is hazy, I will try my best to give an honest account of the impression it left me with. 

Alright, let’s start by listing reasons explaining why the anime is so popular.

1. The Storyline

1. No, seriously, the Storyline

I think one of the reasons for the explosive popularity of the anime is its compelling storyline. To have giant man-eating creatures that keep humanity locked inside walls is a great plot to start with and makes for an eye catching synopsis. 

Moreover, the anime keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the broadcast. 

2. The Characters

The anime boasts of some of the most well thought of characters. Starting with Eren, he is ambitious and hot headed. He wants to explore outside the walls, curiosity that is fuelled and equally shared by Armin. He already hates the Titans with a burning passion. Then to see his mother eaten by one only combusts his hatred. Next up is Armin who is one intelligent boy. His strategies and deducing skills are amazing.

 The most badass and hence, popular of the three friends is Mikasa. She kills Titans left, right and center without so much as flinching. I love that we have an anime where the shounen hero is weaker than the heroine for a change. 

Then is there Levi. He is short, a clean freak and a total kick-ass character. His one and only goal is killing Titans and he does that with chilling panache. 

3. The Relationship between Characters

 Another great strength of the anime is the relationships that the characters share. From Mikasa’s devotion to Eren to Levi’s respect for Erwin, I love watching them interact on screen.

 Then Levi’s relationship with Hange or be it Eren’s relationship with Jean, they are all amazing. 

4. The Character Development and the Back Stories

Out of all the characters that have seen some growing up in the anime, the most impactful for me has been that of Levi. 

From a lowly thug to becoming Humanity’s Strongest, Levi has had some major upturn in his life and it is all thanks to Erwin. This is also the foundation of the fantastic relationship that the two share.

Erm, don’t believe the picture. 

Besides, Mikasa’s hardcore devotion to Eren is, well, well explained in the anime. She went through a traumatising experience as a young girl where she lost both of her parents so it’s understandable.

4. The Blood and Gore Personified – the Titans

For people who like gore, it’s a definite plus! The titans are intimidating and deadly and to be honest, that is the life of this anime. 

The first season nicely set the pace for the anime with its intriguing and mysterious twists and turns. The character came out good with their little quirks and fetishes here and there. The biggest plot twist was when Eren turned into a Titan himself! 

Not revealing too much, I think the second season is better than the first. We finally have a lot of new answers to questions we never even knew had to be asked but it’s all good. We find out about the mystery of the Armored Titan as well as about Titans in general. It’s good to see the story is moving forward. Also, we see some of the characters real identities. 

All in all, Attack on Titan is one hell of an anime that you should watch. It is one of the best best animes of the recent times and it is worth celebrating. Cheers!

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Attack on Titan Live Action Movie’s One Horrible Movie

I just recently watched the first part of the live action version of Attack on Titan and a major warning, I’m going to go on a major rant for all the reasons I hate the movie.

Before I do that, to be fair to the movie, it is isn’t that bad. In fact, Attack on Titan when not compared to the anime is a pretty decent movie to watch. But for the likes of me who are definitely going to look for the semblance of the anime in the movie, it fails.

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For I worship a Noragami!


 Aah, Noragami!! What can I say about it that would do it justice. 

With only two seasons out, Noragami has managed to fly to the top of my favorite’s list. And the credit single handedly goes to Yato!

Yes, he is one of my favorite anime characters of all time, so much so that I can shout it from the rooftops!

He is hysterical as well as a badass. He is the life of the humour in the anime. And when it comes to serious stuff, he is an ace at it. Moreover, his past of being a God of Calamity adds depth to his character. 

In my opinion, the reason for Noragami’s viral popularity, among all the other factors, is solid animation. 

 The animation quality is a incredible. The fight scenes are neat and sharp.

Now, let’s get into the serious stuff and analyse the two seasons. 

The first season deals with the character development of Yukine which in turn gives us a glimpse of what makes Yato the way he is. 

Though Yukine was sort of given a new life when Yato decided to make him his regalia. However, this new life comes with constraints like no human life, no aging etc. In other words, Yukine is stuck being a teenager with no semblance of a regular, human life. Also, given the fact that Yato is an unknown God as well as practically broke bothers Yukine to the point that he starts resenting Yato. 

What I like about Yato here is he sort of understands Yukine’s feelings and that’s why instead of punishing him, repeatedly tries to warn him. 

Though I would also mention that this part of the series seemed more rushed and therefore, less convincing.

The second season is much more better than the first as well as has more depth. 

It is almost a Norm for anime protagonists to have a dark past and Yato is no different. 

The pacing of the series is good and I like how the second season leaves us with more questions than answers.

I’m curious as to how Yato survived all this long despite of being unknown. Then there is the issue of his father. 

I’m so glad there is so much more of the show!

Talking about the voice actors, Ernesto Jason Liebrecht, who voices Yato is incredibly talented. It is his voice acting that brings out the humour of Yato. If that wasn’t enough to bespeak of his talent, the fact that he plays Levi in Attack on Titan is awesome. I was so surprised to know he lays Levi since it is a completely different character! The same thing goes for Yukine’s voice actor, Micah Solusod!


Also, I only recently watched the anime and found out that its mangakar, Adachikota is on leave due to medical reasons. To all those who have been waiting for season 3, I only have this to say 😛

Haha, on the flip side, I envy everyone living in Japan for the simple reason that

Hope you enjoyed reading this, check out my other blog posts

Have a blessed life! 

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Boku No Hero Academia- What Fun!

Getting straight into the review, for me what works in the favor of My Hero Academia is its pace. The anime is quick to get in action and never loses that momentum throughout the 35 episodes it has aired so far. The icing on the cake is Deku.

He is one hell of a protagonist. Audience love underdogs and he is exactly that. Born quirkless but dreaming to become a hero is a repetitive theme that is a character design of many anime protagonists. However, it is his fearlessness and the desire to “save” people in any which way he can as was shown in his sports festival match with Todoroki that steals the show.

He invokes self introspection in Shouto about using his left side which he indeed does thus making Deku lose to him. We know we see Deku smile even though he loses the match because he “saves” Todoroki. Such is the one supreme quality of protagonist.

Another thing that works for the show is the physical limits of the quirks. Time and again the mangakar has emphasised on quirks being a physical extension of the body and hence no one is really invincible. I think this sets it apart from other anime that deal with superpowers and show over the top powers to compensate for the lack of backlashes from the powers. It is a good way to start since it gives writer chance to pace the anime well and the scope to grow the characters in more realistic terms.

While the anime is not really meant to be funny, it sure has its moments and keeps the show light hearted and fun contrasting the intense scenes very well.

Next up are the characters that I think are astutely written. The whole class of 1-A sets a good backdrop to the main characters.

The teachers are interesting with their abilities

with special mention going to Aizawa. Not only the so called Erasurehead’s quirk is, well, quirky, he is also one hell of a teacher who always puts his students first and encourages them to grow as seen in episode 35.

All Might is perfect in his role of a hero and reminds me of Superman in a lot of ways.

Shouto Todoroki is my favorite with his cool half-ice half-flame quirk.

Bakugou is super funny with his anger management issues.

Uraraka is disappointing because she is a typical shounen heroine. With not a strong quirk of her own, she relied heavily on Deku to get her though the sports festival. This is often the case where the girls serve as a sidekick to the main character of the series. I bet the writer could have done better with her.

All in all, My hero academia is one of the rare animes that master its storyline. So far the characters are well distinguished and the storyline is neat. Only time will tell how far the writer can keep this up and what more surprises the anime beholds!
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The Kickass Fullmetal Characters!

The different characters of Fullmetal Alchemist are so strong and well written that I had to draft a whole new blog post about them.

Cutting straight to the chase, as should be the case the protagonist of the show Edward Eric is the most amazing character of the series. He is hysterical, brave and a kind older brother. He is totally cool when he fights and super adorable when be is serious. His fixation with his height is super funny and so is his chemistry with Roy mustang which brings us to another great character. My personal favorite Roy Mustang is everything someone like Riza would fall for. He is sexy, good looking and looking out for his country. What more is attractive in a man! Though he seems like a flirt on the outside, our Royai hearts know the truth. He is ruthless when serious as shown in his fight with Envy.

Next up is Al. He is adorable, acts his age unlike Ed who is more mature and a great support system to Ed. He complements the fierce nature of Ed well by being more reticent and peace loving.

Winry is lovable and is how most other female main characters should be like. She is a mechanic which is new in its own. A refreshing change from the otherwise helpless, damsel in distress that most shounen heroine are.

Maes Hughes’ chemistry with Roy is a must to see and his death serves a turning point in the show making him important.

Izumi Curtis is a great mentor and almost like a mother figure to Ed and Al.

Olivier Armstrong is badass and freakishly powerful and here you thought Alex Louis Armstrong was as powerful as it can get.

Hohenheim, I believe is largely a misunderstood character. He was a good father but marred by his own weaknesses as a philosopher’s stone. He spent centuries talking to the people inside him and knowing them. This makes him likeable despite the fact that he abandoned Trisha and his sons.

All the seven sins are interesting and true to their names.

Ling is funny. He is one of those characters who otherwise seem harmless because they are so unpretentious but once they get serious, they kick ass. His “team” with Greed is an icing on the cake.

What I like about fullmetal alchemist and which is mostly rare to see in shounen manga is the presence of some very strong woman characters.
From Riza to Izumi to Olivier Armstrong, they are women who command power and respect. Even Winry stands tall in her own might without any aid from the main characters of Ed and Al.
In my opinion, I have never seen such a well written and strong star cast in an anime. I guess that’s why they say Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is as good as it gets!
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A Heart Made Fullmetal

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a beautifully crafted story that chronicles the journey of two brothers set out in search of the philosopher’s stone to recover their bodies. I agree with those thousands of reviews that place this anime as the best among its kind. When this series was announced, a lot of people felt it was redundant and that it would ruin the charisma of the franchise but it proved everybody wrong. In my opinion, Brotherhood is way better than the original series. More importantly, since it sticks with the narration of the manga through and through, it is only a refinement of the first. There are so many things going right for the anime that it’s difficult to count. For me the show stealer is the comic aspect.

The humour is top notch and helps contrast the serious scenes perfectly.

Hiromu Arazawa’s sense of humour is impeccable and on point and nowhere does it look forced or tardy.

The second thing that stands out in the show are the fight scenes. The fight scenes are mesmering and keep you on the edge.

The animation is top quality and very well animated.

To add to the fun, the characters are just amazing. They compliment each other well. The chemistry between characters blends perfectly. My favourite has to be the Royai couple. One of my favorite scenes of them has to be this.

The scene shows Envy disguised as Roy to trick Riza but instead ends up revealing herself due to Riza’s quick thinking. I swear when this episode came out, the Royai trash that I am was screaming in agony.

There are so many Royai moments in the anime but the two of them have never overtly expressed their emotions which makes fan like me gasping for more. The reason though is simple. The two of them can’t do so due to their colonel-subordinate relationship.

Another scene needed to be mentioned is

Maes Hughes’ death. He is such an adorable character and a close friend of Mustang’s.

His death forms an integral part of the story and helps pace it forward. Mustang is deeply affected by it and we get to see a side of his that is intimidating bordering on the negative. In his spite to avenge Hugh’s death, his madness reaches a level where Riza has to intervene.

All in all, the storyline is clever and is full of unpredictable twists that form a link between different parts of the story. At the end, all the loose ends are neatly tied up to give a completely crisp story as an end product.

Now I’m waiting with bated breath to see the live action movie based on the series. It is exciting that I can barely contain myself. Check out the trailer here.